We are supportive of the sum of networked knowledge, and our proposal is to assist in the dialogue of the scientific community, bringing together researchers and research institutions to innovate and promote well-being relationships (harmonious relations of the individual with himself, with others and with nature ).

This means that, in addition to scientists and internal research - more than 250 employees directly involved in Research and Development - our business is strongly linked to partnerships with scientific institutions in Brazil and the world, to develop new concepts, methodologies, products and processes.

The challenges go beyond the development of new products and include innovations in services and new business. With this understanding, we developed a sustainable palm oil production system, the articulation of researchers to bring the innovations to the daily life of the local communities of the Amazon and even constructed a virtual library of gestures, based on body therapies to inspire people rescuing and valuing human relationships. Innovation is multidisciplinary.



Program that brings us closer to entrepreneurs with similar values to ours and innovative businesses.


We connect researchers and launch notices and challenges for research investment, as well as generate and share knowledge.