Our History

The trajectory that made us the biggest Brazilian cosmetics multinational started in 1969, when Luiz Seabra inaugurated a small shop on Oscar Freire Street, in São Paulo. From day one, we built a business with the mission of promoting well-being, like harmonious connections of the individual with himself, with others and with nature.

Our history is made of cosmetics and relationships

  • 1969: Natura is founded by Luiz Seabra and opens its first in store in the tradicional Oscar Freire shopping street in São Paulo.
  • 1970: The flower logo is born: the perfect expression of nature and beauty combined.
  • 1990: Launch of the Truly Beautiful Woman campaign, encouraging women to discover and value their own beauty at every age.
  • 1999: First association with tradicional communities in the Amazon region.
  • 2000: Brand headquarters moved to a new complex in Cajamar- São Paulo.
  • 2003: End of animal testing.
  • 2004: IPO Bovespa.
  • 2005: Launch of Natura Musical program to support Brazilian music and culture .
  • 2006: Launch of Paris operations.
  • 2010: Introdution of ecologically correct refill packing made from green plastic, which is made out of sugarcane ethanol.
  • 2011: Instituto Natura, a non-profit organization, is established, committed to working to improve the public basic education.
  • 2012: Natura Amazon Innovation Center opens in Manaus, aiming to expand the company’s presence in the Amazon region and drive local development.
  • 2013: Acquisition of Aesop.
  • 2014: Inauguration of Ecoparque in the Amazon region and Natura became the largest and first publicly traded company to attain B-Corp sustainability certification.
  • 2015:Natura awarded U.N. Champions of the Earth prize.
  • 2017: Acquisition of The Body Shop .