Value chain

Positive impact: Natura takes care of the raw material until disposing of products

Generate positive social and environmental impacts is our goal in taking care of our entire value chain. To reconcile business, environmental, social and human objectives, from the extraction of raw materials - which will give rise to our cosmetics – up to the disposal of packaging after use by the consumer, is what we pursue day-to-day in Natura.

The enlarged look into our entire value chain (name given to all of these steps) allows us to act on different fronts to generate positive impact in society and in the world. Get to know them:


Prioritize plant ingredients is our way of touching our activity in an innovative way, with renewable resources. In 2017, about 84% of the raw materials of our formulas already had this origin. The use of packaging made from renewable and / or post-consumer recycled materials is another initiative of this front. To create actions in this area, we are part of an open and global innovation network, including partnerships with international organizations.

In 2017, R$ 172 million (2.2% of our net revenue) was invested in innovation.


Through the Amazon Program - created in 2011 - we are driving the generation of sustainable businesses in the region. From 2010 to 2017, we accumulated more than R $ 1.2 billion in volume of business in the area.

We buy raw materials for the production of our products from 34 local communities and encourage production techniques that have already contributed to the conservation of 257,000 hectares of standing forest and, consequently, to reduce deforestation, one of the main responsible for the emissions of gases of greenhouse effect in Brazil.


We are a Carbon Neutral company throughout our value chain. The result was only possible thanks to the mobilization of efforts from 2007, when the Neutral Carbon Natura Program was created, focused on the reduction and compensation of greenhouse gases.

Generate a positive impact on our employees is also an objective of this front. By 2017, we had 30% of the company's leadership positions held by women. Of our professional staff, 6.1% were people with disabilities. Achieving, by 2020, 50% of women in leadership positions and 8% of disabled people are two ambitions.


Natura Beauty Consultants are the driving force of our business and total 1.7 million in Latin America (according to data from the 2017 Annual Report). Improving the average income and quality of life of this group are part of this initiative.

Through a plan to increase the generation of wealth for the Consultants, we managed to earn them 17% more in 2017. In the same year, we also created the Education Benefit, which consists of partnerships with higher education institutions and languages , among others, to offer discounts and allow Beauty Consultants and family to return to study.


Stimulate conscious consumption is one of the initiatives contemplated here. Therefore, we show in e-commerce the positive impact that each product generates on society and on the planet.

When buying a Kaiak fragrance, for example, the consumer learns, among other things, that the product is made with organic alcohol, carbon neutral and is not tested on animals.

The purpose of this positive impact inventory is to engage the people who consume our products on issues relevant to the common good and uphold healthy values and practices.

Positive experience with our brand closes the virtuous circle - through which we seek to operate - and its efficient operation takes us back to the Amazon, to expand our relationship with local communities, generating more wealth and preserving the forest standing.